Risk Assessment

Describes the process for hazard identification, risk assessment and control. It is a planned proactive process, which describes in detail how hazards may be identified, assessed and appropriate control measures identified. The procedure then describes implementation, monitoring and review processes. Our risk management consultants at Melbourne will guide you through a comprehensive process to identify any occupational hazard and bring out the solution to overcome those.

The procedure will include the following:

  • Identifying hazards associated with the business activities,
  • Assessing the associated risks,
  • Establishing and implementing suitable measures to control those risks,
  • Introducing a measures to control and conduct work in a safe manner,
  • Undertaking reviews to determine the effectiveness of the risk controls.
 risk assessment and risk management

Risk Management

Research shows there are clear links between good OHS / Risk Management and Workcover management systems and long-term business efficiency.

How Troy can add value to your business, no matter how small or large?  By:

  • helping to create safer work environments through effective Risk Management Plan
  • reducing injuries and injury-related costs – through assisting employers save money on medical expenses, the injured employee’s wages, insurance claim excesses, replacement labour and workers’ compensation insurance premium reviews
  • improving OH&S business opportunities – reviewing purchasing policies so that they favour purchasing products or services from companies with proven legislative compliance in the areas of OH&S, Contractor Management and Workcover
  • providing measurable systems that can verify systems performance
  • demonstrating compliance with legal requirements, and
  • enhancing the business’s reputation