Impact Safety focuses on five key values that we bring to all projects and use to improve our clients HEALTH AND SAFETY processes:


We are confident in our experience, knowledge and resources. With access to our resources your businesses will have the confidence to get the job done.


We can take someone with no knowledge and give them all the skills and resources they need with expert safety coaching and mentoring.


With access to state and national legislative bodies, as well as using Australian standards where applicable, we pride ourselves on adhering to the necessary laws and believe in our systems abilities to affect cultural change.


With regular updates, sourced through both state and national regulators, we have access to the best and latest information concerning safety and risk management. This allows us to work on a continuous improvement cycle to ensure that our HEALTH AND SAFETY advice is up to date and so are your processes.

Creating Culture Change

Providing a systematic approach and education support, we assist safety understanding and engage with employers on Policy. This delivers a structure that provides a foundation for cultural change which includes employers and employees.

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