With over 18 years experience spread across a range of industries, including metals manufacturing, foam manufacturing, Food manufacturing, local Government and Construction, Impact Safety has designed both strategic and operational solutions to a wide-range of health and Safety issues in these industries. In providing an on-call service that surpasses the big consultation firms and ready made templates and solutions Impact Safety can help you with health and safety audit processes, Risk Profiling, Incident Investigations, Coaching and Mentoring, Online Incident Reporting and Investigation Systems, Human Resources Service, Advice and Business Health Checks. Find out more about our range of services here.

Why are we Different?

Impact Safety is passionate about improving safety in small and medium sized businesses. We hope to ignite a safety revolution, changing hearts and minds to show the transforming positive power of simple safety solutions on business outcomes for both employers and employees.

What do we Promise?

Impact Safety believes in offering occupational health and safety consulting that meets our clients’ safety goals. All our strategic and operational advice will work towards improving our clients’ company’s safety culture.

Competitive Daily Rates

Our high quality occupational health and safety consulting, advice and personal commitment to our clients company, offers competitive rates under market value to ensure we are able to deliver what we have set out to achieve.

Obligation-free quotes

Customised Solutions

Impact Safety develop customised systems, policies, procedures and safety management framework designs, including on-site support for paying clients. We also have ready-made documents available for purchase making safety compliance so much easier to achieve.

Collaborative Knowledge

Our clients are able to share their learning with us, which builds on what we can offer others. We connect our clients with each other, so they can share and collaborate on simple safety solutions. With a motto of ‘Why reinvent the wheel’, we offer access to ready-made resources and templates.